Dennis Doughty
Managing Partner

With more than 34 years in healthcare IT, Dennis brings a wealth of experience in developing and implementing enterprise-wide applications and integrated solutions for healthcare organizations.   As a founding partner for Healthcare Frontier, Dennis has brought leadership and expertise to a group of highly skilled professionals specializing in the application of information technology for the managed care industry.  In his career, Dennis has provided a wide range of consulting services, including executive leadership, team management, project management, systems analysis, design and development, systems implementation, operations management and staff training to over fifty health care organizations.

Prior to founding Healthcare Frontier, Dennis was Vice President of Development and Co-Founder of Health Systems Design, Corp. (HSD), a managed care software company purchased by Perot Systems in the late 1990s. In his executive position at HSD, Doughty led the development of several extensive healthcare claims systems including the Diamond Managed Care product (now Xcelys™). Earlier in his career, he likewise served as lead architect on the MC400 Managed Care product, charged with developing the database design, along with all functional and technical specifications, as well as supervising the development team on major product modules.