Leslie Schoenfeld
Managing Partner

Leslie Schoenfeld MBA/MPH is a proven client services leader in healthcare information technology.  She has been leading and providing senior level counsel on enterprise-wide software implementations for healthcare payers and large provider groups for over 25 years.

Leslie performs program manager, project management, and liaison roles between business and information technology staff and is skilled at devising practical solutions to addressing system implementation obstacles.

At Healthcare Frontier Leslie’s role is to lead healthcare implementation projects as well as to provide analytical implementation support in areas such as software configuration, business process management, business and mapping rules, data conversion, and integration design.  Examples of consulting engagements include: Acting Vice President of Client Services for a healthcare software vendor, Senior Project Manager for Web Based Referral Management System, Project Manager for Medicaid managed care system implementation; Project Manager for credentialing and contract management software implementation, Software designer for electronic eligibility and capitation reconciliation projects; Data conversion manager for large scale organizational merger.